‘Silky’ Sea Glass


SILKIES are an interesting – and uncommon – genre of pure VESSEL sea glass. Most think pure vessel sea glass is always frosted with smoothed edges but in fact it can also be like the shards pictured here – shiny and smoothed with nary a trace of frosting. Usually, such shards are found in areas where rivers run into oceans or larger waterways.  Note collection of Silky shards above. These have no mineral oil or water on them. They are found on the beach looking exactly like this.


A comparison view of frosted and silky sea glass shards found on the same beach.


To learn more about sea glass and other beachcomb treasures, visit dr. beachcomb on Facebook, Instagram and my website.



3 thoughts on “‘Silky’ Sea Glass

    1. I love silkies, too, but they have been a hard find more m e – at least, until I moved to the Big island. Are they common where you beachcomb and if so, are you near any river ways? Where you also find frosted sea glass, too? (Am trying to figure out why silkies are silkies…!)

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