Simple Beach Crafts

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH ALL THE BEACH TREASURES YOU COLLECT ON THE BEACH, if you can’t bear to toss them back? Well, you can:

  • Display Some
  • Give Away Some
  • Trade Some
  •  Sell Some and/or
  • Have Fun with Some.

Here are some ideas for simple coastal arts projects that any of us can master.


For instance, you can make a FOSSIL DOLLY.  This 17 million-year-old Miocene fossilized coral girl, kinda betty-boopish,  was created by my friend, Susie.


Or make a platter of BEACH APPETIZERS or SUSHI TRAYS – YUM! – use sea glass, fossils, stones and coral glued onto thrift shop plates. Aside from being pleasing to look at, they are easy to clean. When dusty, just hold them under lukewarm running water and air dry.  Single sushi can be made into Christmas ornaments.  Larger sushi can be made into paper weights.


Or try making some pretty shell-studded frames.  Then there are mosaics like the mirrors we made one year at the Int’l Beachcombing Conference. I made two and gifted one to my daughter for her birthday.

IMG_6801The glue I find that best adheres the beach treasures to board and glass is E6000, Industrial Strength.  A word of caution:  use the glue in well-ventilated areas.

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