There are treasures to be found amongst the ‘hash’ and trash on a Chessie beach. This is because the Chesapeake Bay region is not only the most productive area for finding Miocene-era beach fossils at Calvert Cliffs, but it has also been continuously inhabited by humans for at least 10,000 years. American Indians summered there because of the abundant fish and seafood, colonialists settled here because of the vast expanse of shipping  waterways and temperate clime (though they hated the humid heat and bugs that came each summer).IMG_1074

From the Revolutionary War era through today, the Chesapeake Bay served as a major trans-shipment channel for goods from England and Europe thru Baltimore to the west. Victorian-era summer resorts received city slickers via trains and ferries followed in the 20thc by summer colonies gracing bayside peninsulas and beaches.

IMG_0186So what can be found there? Miocene-era (17 million-20 million years old) fossil shells, teeth and corals;

smooth quartz stone orbs; vessel sea glass and old bottles; feathers; driftwood; pottery shards; clay pipe stems; oyster and clam shells; drift seeds (sea bean); buttons; arrowheads and spear




  1. Thank you “Doc”! I with whole heart and soul agree with your statements of finding peace and feeling renewal overall. To me it is pretty much no other than myself and spirit. No other confirmation is needed nor questioned. Best wishes and peace from within.

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